Saw-dust and wood-shavings from the coniferous wood (fir-tree, pine and spruce) which are used for the production of the pellets are gained as the side product during the wood-felling in the forest and agriculture area, using the special machines of the new generation.

The calibration and production of the final product is executed by using the resin and natural adhesive, without using any chemical materials.

The pellets offered by Petronius Group CZ (certified  EN PLUS A1) provide high heat value and represent ecologic and economic alternative of fuels and they are the guarantee of environment with neutral emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thanks to the high specific weight, comparing to the wood their storage is very simple.

The use of pellets also breaks up  the troubles with the use of gas and heating oil.
Pe tronius Group CZ also offers several uncertified products which satisfy the European norms.
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The certification system EN Plus was created in 2011 based on the agreement with EPC (European Pellet Council).
This certification  system is based on the standard EN 14961-2 for wooden pellets which defines the main parameters and the quality of pellets.EN Plus assures pre not just the control of the production quality but also the quality of storage and delivery of the product to the final consumer.The certification EN Plus aims to create the new European norm and assures that the product satisfies the defined exigencies.

Norm EN 14961: 2 introduces 3 classes:

Class A1, which refers to the higher quality with the contain of ash max 0,7%
Class A2, the contain of ash max 1,5%
Class B, the contain of ash max. 3%. The product is used as the fuel in the industry and can contain the crust.