Petronius Group CZ guarantees security and transparency for your purchase. Punctual deliveries and guarantee of a continuous supply of the product are key elements of Petronius Group CZ.

Our highly qualified staff will follow you in the purchase, accompanying you from the planning of the order until the delivery.

Petronius Group CZ can take advantage of a logistic service that boasts many years of experience and is able to cover the national territory, also making deliveries by sea.

The synergy between the quality of our offered pellets and the professionalism in the delivery, gives Petronius Group CZ the added value that distinguishes it from its competitors.

Contact the agent for your area for information and make an appointment.
Cassettari Christopher:
(+39) 346.5016573 (Emila-Romagna)
Parmeggiani Gabriele:
(+39) 339.4494492 (Emilia-Romagna)
Dr. Paolo Cerri:
(+39) 342.674 0966 (Lombardy)
Raimondi Pietro:
(+39) 320.8812181 (Eastern Piedmont / Valle d’Aosta)
Serralegri Davide:
(+39) 346.8123162 (Marche / Umbria)

For areas not covered by agents, you can contact us directly.
We are interested in including new distributors and new agents in our network in central, southern Italy, including the islands.
If you are interested please contact us.


Eastern Piedmont / Valle D’Aosta area: AZZURRA DI RAIMONDI DAVIDE
Via Oropa 5, – IT13876 – Sandigliano (BI) – Italy
fixed: (+39) 015.691868
cell: (+39) 320.8812181
e-mail: info@fratelliraimondi.org

Lombardy area: TRANSVIT Srl
Via Dr. Georg Shaeffler, 6 – IT28015 – Momo (NO) – Italy
tel. (+39) 0321.92637
e-mail: transvit@alice.it

Trentino Alto-Adige Area: G.M.B Srl
Via Ert 16, – IT25050 – Sellero (BS) – Italy
fixed: (+39) 036.4637335
cell: (+39) 342.3210043

Marche-Abruzzo-Umbria Area: Advanced Technologies srl
Via Po, 60 – 65010 Collecorvino (PE)
cell: (+39) 334.6194110 (Amadio Gianfranco)

e-mail: avanzatetecnologie@gmail.com

Via Bellini 28, – IT25068 – Sarezzo (BS) – Italy
cell: (+39) 393.8580513
cell: (+39) 328.6661830
cell: (+39) 328.6661895